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2021 COVID Travel Protocol


A brief message from Landmark Educational Tours, 

We appreciate your business during this difficult time. As everyone knows, COVID-19 has impacted the tourism sector in more ways than one, so we greatly appreciate you reaching out to plan a trip. With that being said, our priority will always be our travelers.

Our team has carefully made the following decisions for the safety of our travelers, staff, vendors and more. Our 2021 COVID Travel Protocols have been crafted in order to mitigate the risks. Although it’s impossible for us to eliminate all risks, we want to support travel-ready groups with whatever they are comfortable with at this time.

COVID-19 Updates

During this time there are free vaccines available; Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson. These vaccines are currently available from the ages of 12 years old and up. The CDC has announced that they highly suggest that all eligible Americans get vaccinated to avoid severe sickness from COVID-19 and its variants. Many major cities are now requiring proof of vaccination for entry into many attractions and restaurants. As of late July, some vendors have reintroduced their mask mandate for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. For more recent updates from the CDC, please click here

What To Know

What are Landmark Educational Tours protocols?

To ensure the safety of all aspects of travel, we are recommending all travelers eligible for a vaccination be fully vaccinated before departure. For groups with travelers who are under the age requirement for any vaccine, we are suggesting limiting the number of travelers for your trip. Travelers who have not been fully vaccinated before departure, must receive a negative COVID 19 PCR test within 72 hours of departure. We understand that this can be a tricky situation to navigate, but to ensure the safety of all of our travelers, staff and vendors, we stand by our mandate

What are we doing to ensure the safety of travelers pre-tour?

Should a traveler become sick or test positive for COVID before departure, we require notification from the traveler as soon as possible. If a traveler tests positive for COVID before departure, a portion of the funds paid towards the trip may be considered refundable if our offered travel insurance protection plan is purchased. Travel insurance is offered to all passengers when signing up for a trip with us. Landmark Educational Tours requires all travelers to purchase a travel insurance policy before traveling. We HIGHLY recommend all travelers purchase our offered travel insurance to alleviate the stress of managing any arrangements. Travelers can purchase private travel insurance, though, the traveler or travelers guardian is required to handle ALL arrangements should any situation occur. Should any traveler exhibit common symptoms of COVID in days before the trip, the traveler should make the necessary arrangements to not travel.

What are we doing to ensure the safety of travelers on-tour?

We require all travelers to follow any and all local, state, national, and site-specific location guidelines in place for traveling. Masks will be required in all enclosed spaces when required by the vendors and when social distancing is not possible. Masks are to cover both nose and mouth when wearing them when needed on tour. We encourage all travelers to bring plenty of supplies to cover the length of the trip. Our Landmark Leaders will carry extra masks and hand sanitizer should anyone require a spare. We highly encourage all travelers to frequently use hand sanitizer and wash their hands throughout the trip to prevent any virus spread.

What if a traveler becomes sick or tests positive for COVID during the trip?

If a traveler becomes ill or tests positive for COVID during the trip, Landmark Educational Tours will immediately help coordinate the movement of the passenger to a safe location separate from the group and help provide the passenger arrangements for a COVID test. Until the results of a COVID test are provided negative, the traveler and a designated chaperone must quarantine in their provided accommodations. We highly recommend that all groups choose a designated chaperone in advance, should this situation occur on your trip.

If a traveler has purchased our offered travel insurance plan through Travel Insured and tests positive for COVID on the trip, Landmark Educational Tours and the Student Basic Deluxe with CFAR policy will cover:

  • “United States Fire Insurance Company has made the administrative decision to allow for coverage to be extended for the entire duration of a COVID-19 related quarantine, and February 2, 2021 coverage will be extended for five additional days following the end of the quarantine provided you have not arrived back in your return destination city.”
  • Quarantine covered by the policy is considered strict medical isolation by a recognized authority or medical examiner to prevent the spread of disease. Quarantine is considered mandatory confinement for 24 hours per day and 7 days a week throughout the duration of the quarantine. A “recommendation” is NOT considered a quarantine under the policy.

If a traveler has NOT purchased our offered travel insurance plan and tests positive for COVID on the trip, it is the responsibility of the traveler or traveler’s guardian to handle any and all quarantine accommodations. Landmark Educational Tours will help coordinate the initial isolation steps for the safety of the travelers. Landmark Educational Tours is not responsible for the communication between private travel insurance and a traveler. This includes handling all logistics, such as accommodations, transportation, meals, etc for their extended trip once tested positive.

Should a traveler test positive on the trip for COVID and has purchased our offered travel insurance, Landmark Educational Tours will work with the trip organizer, passenger’s family, and all parties to provide assistance to the situation as it occurs.

Additional Information Regarding Travel Insurance Coverage for COVID-19

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