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The United States is a country filled with amazing historical culture. An educational experience that provides students with a new perspective on the curriculum they are learning in the classroom. The following are the top 5 school trip destinations we found to be most popular for student travelers: 

  1. Washington, D.C.
  2. Boston, Massachusetts
  3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  4. Orlando, Florida
  5. New York City, New York

Washington, D.C. 

Being the capital of the United States, you can’t go wrong visiting here! Students have the ability to see more than 100 different sights. Some of these sights include the White House, United States Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, and numerous museums.

Our most common educational trip to this destination is a 3 day/2 night 8th grade Washington, D.C. school trip with stops at all the famous civic landmarks! 

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a great destination if you are looking for a hands-on educational experience. This city is filled with opportunities to explore STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) connections from not only land but the sea as well. Along with the rich history and hands-on experiences, Boston is filled with amazing architecture and unbelievable eateries. 

Our trip itineraries for school trips to Boston, Massachusetts include attractions such as the USS Constitution, Boston Tea Party Museum, The New England Aquarium, Whale Watching, and more. We also offer additional destinations added onto the school trip, for example, Newport, Rhode Island + Salem, Massachusetts! 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

What better place to take students than the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence. Check out Independence Hall where it was signed, as well as some other historical sights. Some of these sights include the Liberty Bell and Old City Hall. 

Interested in knowing what a typical 2 day, 1-night itinerary to Philadelphia includes? Download our free sample itinerary here! 

Orlando, Florida

If your students are into science and technology, look no further, an Orlando school trip is perfect! Kennedy Space Centre will give students a full day of NASA discoveries, truly an unforgettable experience. Of course, you also can’t go to Florida without stopping at the famous Disney World. Other attractions include swimming with the manatees in Crystal River, Cocoa Beach, Busch Gardens and more! 

New York City, New York

When visiting New York City, there are so many different lessons that can be learned; travel, art, history, theater…truly an endless list.  This is one of those destinations that is ideal for all different ages and interests. Some ideas for visiting New York City can include a broadway show for those interested in theatre and the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island for those interested in a historical tour.


Educational school trips are becoming increasingly important for an immersive experience in a youth’s life. At Landmark Educational Tours, we believe that the following destinations are some of the top United States school trip destinations for students. Travel is a valuable experience, we invite all to embark to landmarks worldwide with Landmark Educational Tours!   


National Museum of African American History and Culture

Nestled on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) stands as a testament to the richness and resilience of the African American experience. As you step through its doors, you embark on a profound journey through time, navigating the complex tapestry of history, culture, and contributions that have shaped the United States.

The museum’s architecture, a striking blend of innovation and symbolism, sets the stage for a transformative encounter. As you ascend through its levels, each floor unfolds narratives that traverse the depths of struggle, resilience, and triumph. From the brutal realities of slavery to the heights of the Harlem Renaissance and the Civil Rights Movement, the exhibits are immersive, offering a nuanced perspective on the African American journey.

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Students at the Plimoth Patuxet Museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts!
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Students at Busch Gardens on a school trip to Orlando, Florida!

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