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Washington DC school trips are a right of passage for all middle school students. There is much to see and discover on a DC school trip.  Fitting everything in can be a challenge. Factors such as time and budget will determine how long you can spend in DC and what you can see with your student group. The memorials and museums are always on the top of the list. Then you have to choose from the panoply of other key attractions around the city.

Here is our top list of attractions for your next Washington DC school trip:

It’s important to plan each day based on the priorities you have for your class. When we plan your itinerary with you we will make suggestions based on the location but also based on the transit time between them. Factors like traffic will have a dramatic impact on how many attractions you can see in one day. Remember we have to allocate time for pick up and drop off with the motorcoach. Then, navigating the busy streets can also erode some of our time.

And this is why 4 day Washington DC school trip itineraries allow you to explore beyond the core attractions within the district. Moreover, on a 3-day itinerary, we recommend focusing and staying closer to the center to avoid longer transit time.

But we are here to work with you to plan the best possible itinerary to achieve the goal of your school trips.


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Students at the Washington Monument!
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Students at the Lincoln memorial on a school trip to Washington D.C!

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