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The ultimate 4 day school trip to Quebec city

Are you ready for an adventure through the charming cobblestone streets of Quebec City? Grab your backpacks and let’s go on the ultimate four-day school trip to Quebec City that’s not only fun but brimming with history and culture! 🏫✨

Day 1: Arrival and First Impressions 🚌👀

Welcome to Quebec City! After a journey filled with anticipation, we arrive post-lunch, ready to soak in every bit of this historic gem. We recommend a unique entry to the city: disembark your motor coach on the Lévis side and hop onto the ferry. The ferry, which runs every thirty minutes, offers a majestic approach to Quebec City in Lower Town with the iconic Château Frontenac coming into view—a sight that is sure to take your breath away! 🚢🏰

As you step off the ferry, you’re immediately transported to a European-like setting, surrounded by architecture that whispers tales from the 17th and 18th centuries. The cobblestone streets underfoot spark a special feeling—one of stepping back in time, right into the heart of history.

Our journey upward begins with the funicular, an old-world marvel that elevates us 300 feet from Lower Town to Uppertown. Here, we meet our guide and start our Uppertown orientation tour on the Dufferin Terrace, marvelling at the grandeur of the Château Frontenac and learning about historical figures at the Montcalm and Wolf statue. 🚠🗺️

Don’t Miss the Notre-Dame Basilica-Cathedral

Our exploration continues through the walled city (did you know it’s the only one left in North America?), and we pay a visit to the awe-inspiring Notre Dame Basilica. The steeple of the church was used to calibrate the cannons. The church was bombarded and burned in 1759 during the British siege and then rebuilt according to the original plans. Various parts or decorative components were added during the following decades. It burned once again in 1922 and was rebuilt using the old plans for a second time. The day’s adventure concludes near the Taschereau Monument, the Old Post Office building and City Hall, landmarks steeped in the city’s legacy.

Notre Dame Basilica-Cathedral in Quebec city at dusk
Notre Dame Basilica-Cathedral in Quebec city at dusk

Day 1: Evening – A Taste of Quebec and Historical Fun 🍴⚔️

With our minds brimming with new knowledge, it’s time to check into our accommodations and freshen up for the evening. And what better way to kick off our culinary adventure than with dinner at Les Trois Garçons? This cozy bistro pub serves up some of the city’s best poutine—a must-try for any visitor to Quebec! 🍽️🍟

After satisfying our taste buds, we gather and walk outside the walls. The evening continues with an interactive and educational activity, “The Soldier at the Martello Tower.” Here, we’re transported back to the 18th century, as a soldier regales us with stories of the Martello Towers’ purpose, construction, and what life was like for those garrisoned within. It’s an engaging way to connect with the past and understand the city’s military significance. 🏰💂‍♂️

inside the martello tower in Quebec city
The soldier and the martello tower activity

Day 2 of the the ultimate 4 day school trip to Quebec city

On the second day of your unforgettable student trip, you’ll awaken to the charm and history of Old Quebec. No need for a morning rush; our centrally located accommodations at hotels put you at the heart of the city. Our hotels range from the Clarendon Hotel, Chateau Frontenac, Chateau Laurier, Delta Hotel, Concord, or Hilton. Just roll out of bed, dress up, and step out into the vibrant city life!

Cafe Life

Your day begins with a delightful breakfast at Café Les Mordus, within the Clarendon Hotel. Here, you’re served a fabulous traditional style breakfast, complete with eggs, meats, potatoes and toast. You can also choose a continental selection featuring yogurt, fruit, and croissants. This is all paired with steaming hot chocolate, coffee, or juice. It’s the perfect start to your day!

continental breakfast with yogurt, a croissant, fruit and a boiled egg.

With bellies full and spirits high, we’ll capture the moment with a group photo beside the iconic Chateau Frontenac. The shot snapped by a professional photographer. This keepsake will be a treasured memory for each student to take home.

Centre Morrin or the Citadelle

Next, choose your own adventure! Will it be the historic Morin Center, an intriguing 16th-century jail turned library and social hub, with its captivating stories? Or perhaps the Musée du Fort, with its old style diorama presentation. It will help you better understand the pivotal Battle of the Plains of Abraham. The historical ramifications of the Conquest of 1760. Whichever you choose, prepare to deepen your understanding of events that shaped not just Quebec and Canada, but all of North America.

After enriching your minds, it’s time to explore the cobblestone streets of Lowertown, breathing in the area’s unique atmosphere. Then, opt for a guided tour of either the formidable Citadel, a British-built redoubt from the early 1800s. You can also choose to get a guided tour of the magnificent Chateau Frontenac to discover the secrets of this grand and storied hotel.

As evening falls, get ready for a cultural treat at the Sugar Shack! Dive into a traditional feast celebrating the springtime flow of maple sap. Enjoy eggs, meat pies, pancakes, and various maple syrups, along with succulent ham. The night doesn’t end there—cap it off with lively folk dancing before retiring to your hotel, filled with joy and ready for another day of adventure.

Day 3 of the the ultimate 4 day school trip to Quebec city

On day three of this ultimate school trip to Quebec City, your taste buds are in for a treat with a French-style continental breakfast exclusively created for Landmark Tours at Le Cochon Dingue. Delight in a bol de chocolat chaud, savor fluffy scrambled eggs, croissants, chocolatines, and choose from fruit and oatmeal options. It’s the perfect start to a day filled with discovery and fun.

cochon dingue lower town entrance in witer

As we hop on the bus and journey down the Chemin Royale, we’ll be greeted by the picturesque farmlands outside the city. There, the majestic Montmorency Falls await, towering higher than Niagara Falls. Students can enjoy a breathtaking view, climb the stairs, and cross a quaint suspension bridge over the falls. The journey continues to the serene Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Basilica, a mere 20 minutes away, offering a glimpse into the region’s spiritual heritage.

Nave of the Ste Anne Basilica outside of Quebec city
Nave of the Ste Anne Basilica outside of Quebec city

Depending on the season, your group might visit the Village Huron Wendat, exploring into the history and traditions of the Wendat tribe. Alternatively, Canyon Sainte-Anne beckons with its impressive hiking trails, gorge, suspension bridge, and the thrilling option of zip lining.

As the day draws to a close, indulge in a classic French bistro experience at L’Entrecôte Saint-Jean, with its popular steak and fries – a hit with students! It’s the perfect meal to round off your last evening in Quebec City before preparing for departure the next day.

Day 4 of the the ultimate 4 day school trip to Quebec city

Day four begins with a local breakfast, followed by a visit to the historic Plains of Abraham, complete with a workshop to bring the pivotal Battle of the Plains of Abraham to life. Then, it’s back to Lowertown to explore Place Royale, Notre-Dame des Victoires, and other notable sites, with ample time to enjoy lunch and pick up souvenirs before boarding the bus to head home.

This is the ultimate four-day school trip to Quebec City, a perfect blend of education and excitement, promising a wealth of memories in la ville de Quebec. Bon voyage!

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