Planning a School Trip to Washington, DC POST-PANDEMIC

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As we prepare the world for a new world full of vaccines and relatively going back to a “normal” world, we also prepare ourselves for a new world of group tourism! Planning a school trip to Washington, DC is important to go on to not only learn about the city, state or site but to also engage students in a different environment! Whether you are bringing the classroom to the destination or just want to have a fun end-of-the-school trip, Landmark has focused on creating the best alternatives in this post-pandemic world of travel! 

Here are two tips to keep in mind when planning a school trip to Washington, DC post-pandemic: 

Destination’s Rules and Regulations

More sites are now requiring PROOF of vaccinations, it’s important to understand the new regulations and rules regarding your desired destination! Below you will find a link to Washington, DC’s active rules and regulations. This is important to consider when traveling to any destination. Knowing this information and bringing it back to your school’s administration and parents may help with hesitancy in planning a school trip to Washington, DC now that we are in post-pandemic times. Reassurance is a vital factor along with safety and cleanliness when it comes to planning any trip. Landmark will focus on keeping you and your group safe during your school trip to Washington, DC! This is why we suggest getting knowledgeable on the regulations of the destination. 

Looking ahead to a Better CLEAN & SAFER future! 

According to the Destination Analysts they expect that ‘Approximately 77% of American travelers report that they are taking leisure trips in the next 3 months. These travelers will take an average of 2.1 overnight trips this summer. Average leisure trip spending during this period is anticipated to be $1,691. Visitation to cities continues to return, with 42.1% reporting they will visit an urban destination during their summer travel.‘ This is indicating that within our Fall Months and as the school year rings in, schools are more likely to book their Washington DC school trips! The Future is here! Vacations are sent out and the world is slowly getting back to NEW normal!! Let’s enlighten that sense of travel is all of us! It is possible again, why not make it possible and memorable for your group with Landmark! 

Travel post-pandemic may look different to most. One thing to keep in mind as a traveler is that destination rules and regulations are changing. Remember, just because you are vaccinated, does not mean the travelers in the destination are as well. When planning a school trip to Washington, DC post-pandemic, Landmark Educational Tours is focused on providing a safe environment for our travelers, however that may look for your group! 


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