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There is a lot of unknown when traveling. Let us take the worry and stress away. Take a minute to check out all of our great resources to help prepare you for your upcoming group trip.

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About Us

Get to know Landmark! We have over 50 years of combined experience in the tourism industry and we love to share our knowledge with our customers.

Our Landmark Leaders

As your tour manager, Landmark Leaders manage the logistics of your trip allowing you to savor the new adventure with your students hassle-free.

Travel Protection

Unfortunately not everything is predictable. Luckily, we offer Travel Protection as an add-on to any trip to help ease the worry of the unknown.


You have questions, we've got answers. Our travel specialists have answers all of your burning questions to help prepare you for your upcoming trip.

Packing List

Not sure what to pack? That's okay, we have created a full and detailed packing list for any trip. We got into the nitty gritty of all items to make sure that forgetting a toothbrush does not end up on your itinerary.