“Four score and seven years ago” 


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Explore the place one of our greatest Presidents land-marked the significance of this historic destination in 2 days.

Explore one of the most popular attractions in the country for its wholesome charm and influential past, Gettysburg. 

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All-Inclusive tour package

All of our trips are built as an all-inclusive tour package. Trip organizers can choose to include and exclude anything on their groups personal tour package.

Customized and Personalized

Love a specific hotel? Crave an amazing restaurant? Our travel specialists offer customized and personalized itineraries to fit your groups wants and needs!

Landmark Leader

Our tour packages include a Landmark Leader or somebody you'd look at as a tour manager. They play a vital role in providing your group a safe, effortless and enjoyable trip!

"Just wanted to thank you for another amazing trip! You have it down to a science..works like clockwork! My students had a blast! Thanks again for you've done Michaela..it was the BEST!"
- Cathy, MA Teacher