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Led by expert guides, dive into the heart of the Big Apple’s rich heritage while gaining valuable insights that will deepen your understanding and appreciation of this vibrant metropolis.

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We have over 50 years of combined experience in the tourism industry. Let our specialists share our knowledge and passion for travel with your group.

As your tour manager, Landmark Leaders manage the logistics of your trip allowing you to savor the new adventure with your students hassle-free.

We want to give you the best experience possible. Each tour is specifically customized to fit your group’s needs.

Intro to NYC

3 Days, 2 Nights

Experience all that New York City has to offer on our Introduction to New York City Tour. Contact us today to book your next group trip in New York City.

Art-Focused NYC Tour

3 Days, 2 Nights

Visit some of the most popular art museums in the United States, or indulge in a private workshop. Let the creative energy fill your student’s minds when you book your next tour in New York City. 

Performing Arts NYC Tour

3 Days, 2 Nights

For many students, visiting NYC is a dream come true. If you have a talented group that loves all things related to performative arts, we have a dedicated program for you.

Customization made simple


Our tour specialists are waiting to build your next trip! Contact our office to get the process started


Let our experienced staff help bring your ideas to life. We have expertise about timing, best places to stay, restaurants, and fun activities for your group size.

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Once you are ready, we can create a portal for all travelers to access and sign up for the trip. After that, let us lead the way and keep surprises off of the itinerary.

We lead your students to the
landmarks of American history

At Landmark Educational Tours, we lead your students to the landmarks of American history. We want your students to experience firsthand the sights, sounds, and culture of New York City—and we know how important it is for them to have a safe and engaging trip. Our commitment to providing you with the best possible experience for your students makes us the top school trip destination in New York.

Whether you’re looking for a historical tour of Ellis Island or an educational excursion through the city’s museums, we have something for everyone! Our tours are led by our expert guides, who are entertaining and knowledgeable about their subjects—we’ll ensure your students get a hands-on learning experience without having to leave school grounds.

Extraordinary Experiences.
Experiential Education.

We know that when planning a school trip, you want to do truly memorable things. You want to go somewhere where your students will be able to experience what they’re learning about while they’re there. And we have just the answer: New York City!

New York City has something for everyone—you can take your students on an educational tour, and they’ll come away with a new understanding of the world and how it works. They’ll learn about history and culture, and art, but they’ll also gain practical knowledge about how things work in society today.

And when you bring your students back from their tour, they’ll be ready to share all of their new knowledge with their classmates in ways that will leave them breathless with excitement about what’s possible in the world around us.

Whether you’re looking for an immersive tour that immerses your students in the culture and history of New York City or a more self-guided tour where they can explore at their own pace, we have something for everyone!

for every trip

We at Landmark pride ourselves in transparent travel. We do not want any surprises to occur on your trip. All trip inclusions are explained in the selling process and our guaranteed to our customers. Any additional inclusions will be outlined in the contract prior to the trip date.


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NYC student

Educational tours for students
in New York City

As a student, you’ve probably never been to New York City. You might have seen it on TV or in movies, but that’s about it.

Well, now is your chance to see what all of the fuss is about in person!

Landmark Educational Tours is a New York City-based educational tour company that offers school trips for students. We specialize in providing educational tours for students from elementary through high school. We offer school trips to New York City as well as other destinations around the world.

Our mission is to provide students an exceptional educational experience while away from home. Our staff will work with you and your teachers to ensure that every aspect of your trip runs smoothly and that your time in New York City is fun and educational. We offer tours throughout the year—whether its summer break, winter break, or even spring break—we’ll ensure you get the most out of your trip!

We Make Learning Fun!

When you want to go on a field trip, you want it to be fun. You want to learn something, but you also want it to be memorable—and maybe even exciting.

That’s why we’re here. We make learning fun with our school trips in New York City!

We know that when you go on a school trip, you look for more than just a day off from class. You want an experience that will stay with you forever—and we’re here to help you get that experience every time.

Our tours are designed by teachers and educational experts and packed full of information about the places we visit. They’re also designed in ways that make learning fun: interactive games and activities and other activities that help students engage with what they’re learning in new ways.

We’ve been doing this for years, so if there’s anything else we can do to help your school plan its next field trip or educational tour, let us know!

High School Group in NYC November 2022

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