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STEM is a curriculum implemented in school that is based on the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This curriculum allows students to gain knowledge of problem-solving and creative thinking. Below are just a few of the options to take your student on a hands-on experience stem attraction when you visit New York City on a school trip:

  • New York Hall of Science 
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • National Museum of Mathematics 
  • Intrepid Sea, and Space Museum

New York Hall of Science

It is a known goal that the state of New York would like the study of STEM to be accessible to all local schools. The New York Hall of Science Museum is a perfect opportunity as it has over 400 exhibits for visitors to explore. Due to the closures of COVID-19, the museum is currently unavailable to be booked. However, the museum has opened up online resources and virtual tours for students to partake at home. 

American Museum of Natural History

Are your students looking for a museum that goes over what is happening in mother nature today? This is the perfect one to visit. Visiting student’s experience exhibits on the topics of natural history and the American culture. For example, the museum offers an exhibit on the topic of climate change! 

National Museum of Mathematics

Can your students imagine going to a museum where you get to interact with almost anything?? Well, look no further! The National Museum of Mathematics has a large selection of hands-on learning opportunities for visitors to use. Although it is primarily for 4th – 8th-grade students, it is suitable for all!

Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum

A military and maritime museum that trip organizers won’t want to miss! The famous USS Intrepid is docked making it the centerpiece of the museum. Along with the aircraft carrier, students will find a space shuttle, submarine growler, or a British Airways Concorde. 


New York City offers groups an opportunity to visit a variety of STEM-based attractions and sights. When planning your next STEM school trip to NYC, consider adding one of these attractions to your customized and personalized itinerary! 


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