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Disney World School Trips To Orlando, Florida

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About Walt Disney World Orlando


On your next school trip to Orlando, Florida, there is more to do at Walt Disney World than meets the eye. There are exceptional educational experiences to take advantage of  at the “Happiest Place on Earth”. As you plan your trip you will quickly discover the educational opportunities and benefits that Disney has to offer, along with an extremely fun field trip.


From the park of Epcot, all the way to Magic Kingdom, there is plenty for your student to learn. And don’t forget about the festivals that fall around four times a year. Since Mr. Walt Disney himself was fascinated by American History, even having one of the Liberty Bells, he wanted to spread his joy for learning for years to come. 


Any school vacation would benefit from visiting Epcot. The World Showcase, Sea Base, Living with the Land, and other attractions are all in Epcot. Around a mirrored lagoon, 11 nations are represented in the World Showcase. These nations include Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, Morocco, and Mexico. One of Disney’s more tranquil and beautiful regions is this one. There are movies, boat trips, and shows that provide information about the county you are in, however they are not as exciting as other attractions. Of course, there is also the Norwegian Frozen Ever After ride. There are Kidcot Fun Stops at each pavilion. Students can build free crafts here (and yes, I did say free.) The fact that the cast members are from the nation you are visiting is another amazing feature of the World Showcase. They are always eager to discuss their native country and to impart cultural knowledge.


Onto the Sea Base, which has a lot to say about the marine life in our globe. Some of the most incredible marine life may be found in the 5.7 million-gallon aquarium. Be sure to arrive at feeding time to hear the actors discuss the animals in greater detail. Both private tours and numerous interactive exhibits are available in this area. Over 4,000 marine animals from more than 60 species are kept in this aquarium. Inside the Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium, students can also go scuba diving. You can explore in a sea that is always tranquil when you go on the diving adventure Dive Quest. You can see sharks, eagle rays, dolphins, sea turtles, and more up close during the trip. There is also a program where students can swim with the dolphins!


I’ll talk about living in harmony with the land last. A fantastic informative ride through the greenhouses of Epcot’s Land Pavilion is called Living with the Land. Students will learn about the origins of food and how Disney is growing food on the resort using cutting-edge techniques. As you journey around the fish farm, you will get to witness live freshwater animals. A “Behind the Seeds” tour is also offered. Plan to eat at the Garden Grill Restaurant while you’re there if you want to experience some of the foods for yourself. One can develop a fresh appreciation for farmers and agriculture by living close to the land.


These Epcot attractions are all excellent for showing students how real-world applications can be used. A great site for students to learn about many cultures from around the world is World Showcase. While Living with the Land and Sea Base are both fantastic for students learning science. Learning about food and marine life touches many areas. Among these are, to name a few, biology, earth science, life science, and physical science.




Animal Kingdom

Today, there is Animal Kingdom, of course. Even though this theme park is focused on animals, teens will still have a great time there. The Kilimanjaro Safaris is the main draw here, although students frequently adore the Kali River Rapids water ride. In the 60-minute Disney Caring for Giants event, you’ll meet devoted wildlife experts who look after their African elephants’ health and welfare. They’ll share fascinating information about elephants while also giving you a peek into their daily duties. African cultural ambassadors will also be present to share their experiences with Disney’s conservation initiatives aimed at protecting wild species across their home continent. Throughout this experience, you’ll be able to observe the elephants from approximately 80 to 100 feet away—so you’ll enjoy a closer encounter with the elephants than you would during other in-park experiences.


Savor of the Savanna, an evening safari adventure, is another fantastic offering from Animal Kingdom. Take a privately guided tour to explore the sights, sounds, and flavors of Africa while immersing your senses. The Harambe Wildlife Reserve’s interior is where the safari journey starts. Students will soon find themselves at one of the most remote and breathtakingly beautiful private viewing areas the Savanna has to offer as night falls. Ask questions as your guide provides fascinating knowledge on the wildlife in Disney’s Animal Kingdom park as he or she recounts tales of the distinctive inhabitants of the reserve. Students have the opportunity to experience food with African influences while on this tour. This is a perfect way for students to learn about new cultures and animals without having to travel far.


For those with a passion for biology, cultural studies, or animal behavior, there is still another fantastic option. The biology portion of your trip to Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom is full with educational opportunities as well. 250 different kinds and more than 1700 animals call it home. Upon arrival, upgrade to Wilderness Explorer status to get more wilderness knowledge.


Hollywood’s Studio Park

At Hollywood Studios Park, movie fantasy comes to life. This is the ideal setting for teaching pupils about movies and film. For more information on all the legendary movie performers, including Lucille Ball, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Newhart, Dick Clark, and of course Walt Disney, visit the Academy of Television Arts and Science Hall of Fame. The Magic of Disney Animation offers students the opportunity to discover more about the creation of Disney animated characters. By learning to draw Disney characters from a Disney Animator, students will have the opportunity to understand what it’s like to work as a Disney Animator.


Magic Kingdom

Since Magic Kingdom is the center of Disney, it stands to reason that this is where Mr. Walt Disney’s love of American history is most prominent. Our Presidents are kept in the Hall of Presidents! You will get a fascinating glimpse into the Presidents, their interactions with the American people, and part of our country’s history there. Learn about how our Constitution was created and the grueling battles that took place along the road, such as the American Revolution and the Civil War. Watch Abraham Lincoln make his Gettysburg address while hearing John F. Kennedy’s voice echo across the theater. Hear George Washington and Donald J. Trump, the 45th president, making addresses in the Hall.


As you can see, we have only just begun to discuss how each park offers its own particular learning opportunities. Don’t be hesitant to pull your child out of school, and be sure to explain to the administration that this is not a vacation but rather a fun-filled educational opportunity for the whole family. Even better, ask your kid to prepare a report on everything they discovered while visiting the Happiest Place on Earth to present to their class when they get back.

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