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Fuel Young Minds: Uncover Florida's Premier STEM Attractions for an Unforgettable School Trip

STEM School Trip

STEM education is a teaching approach that combines science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This style of teaching provides students with the opportunity to have more hands-on experiences and to connect with real life problem solving skills. The importance of STEM education is that it is a unique way for students to work through challenges. It also helps students build on their teamwork skills and provides useful resources for their future careers. Below are five STEM attractions in Florida that are great for school trips.


WonderWorks is an amusement park located in Orlando, Florida. It is their mission to ignite a passion for science within every visitor. “I think, Therefore, I STEM” message is that STEM education continues to remain world leaders of innovation and technology. Their current STEM programs consist of physical science and art but are committed to going deeper into STEM education and are building more programs for math, technology, and engineering. The exhibits are calledWonder Zones in which students and visitors can explore to learn and provide that hands-on experience. The Wonder Zone exhibits are Extreme Weather, Physical Challenge, Space Discovery, Light andSound, Imagination and Wonder Art Gallery.

Disney Imagination Campus

Put on your Mickey ears, get your creative mind flowing and shine at Disney’s Imagination Campus! Imagination powered learning, this is one of Disney’s missions to continue integrating the power of imagination in their unique curriculum and learning experiences for students. Imagination is a great tool for students to use to express their creativity and help connect them to real world challenges. Disney has four STEM pillars for students to help further develop in their educational futures. The four pillars include performing arts, arts & humanities, science & technology, and leadership & innovation. Disney Imagination Campus is committed to continuing to provide a powerful learning environment and use of creativity through STEM for students.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Blast off into space at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex! The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is operated for NASA by Delaware North and fully funded by the visitors who visit. The name of the space center is in honor of our late United States President John F. Kennedy. During the first day of being open, 2,000 people showed up for tours and this monumental place was becoming a highly popular attraction. By the end of the first week, there were a total of 13,555 guests and the numbers continued to rise every week. The Kennedy Space Center remains an iconic part of exploration especially in education. With six exhibits to grasp a learning experience like no other, students and teachers can explore the six exhibits starting with Heroes and Legends and ending the trip with Plan Your Mission. The Kennedy Space Center offers STEM educational opportunities for students and continues to be a strong source for STEM education. They offer private educational programs, overnight adventures, camp KSC and more! This is the place to launch exciting adventures into learning and exploration for all. Landmark Educational Tours group trip to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex!

Orlando Science Center

The Orlando Science Center has been around for sixty years and has been named Central Florida’s award-winning, hands-on Science Museum! Their mission is to inspire science learning for life and continue to create an educational environment that gets students excited about science. There are four floors filled with adventurous exhibits for all to enjoy. One of the most important features of the Orlando Science Center is their STEM Discovery Center. This is the hub of the Science Center, a program that continues to empower students, educators, and visitors of all ages. Their STEM program is catered to fit everyone’s needs, they offer a home schooling program, virtual programs, science competitions, there is something for all ages to participate and be a part of. As Bill Nye the Science Guy would say, science rules!

Florida Air Museum

Home to Florida’s official aviation museum and education center, the Florida Air Museum is designed with elaborate airplane model displays, historical antiques, and educational classics to create an unforgettable learning experience about aviation. One of the most significant exhibits at the Florida Air Museum is Howard Hughes and his collection of airplanes. Howard Hughes was a film director who had a passion for aviation. The first airplane he designed and built with Henry Kaiser was called the HK-1 until Kaiser pulled out of the project in 1944 due to frustration in construction delays. The plane was renamed to H-4 Hercules, Hughes continued to build and design planes until General Motors bought Hughes Aircraft in 1985. While Howard Hughes airplanes are a big part of the Florida Air Museum, there is so much more history and exhibits to explore. Get to know Florida’s aviation history and the first commercial flight, the hall of fame, and more! In 2014, the Florida Air Museum launched their STEAM program expo campus called SUN ‘n FUN. Their mission is to support, educate, and inspire the next generation of aerospace. The Florida Air Museum continues to develop and integrate the important impact aviation has had in our history past and present. Fly high into your next adventure!




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