Our nation’s capital

Washington, D.C.

Our Itineraries

Our 8th grade Washington DC trip itinerary is truly an incredible experience for all middle school students. 

Our HBCU Campus Tours is truly an incredible experience for all high school students to see Washington DC as well as campuses around the area. 

Our 4 Day Washington DC School Trip is among one of our most popular school group tours to Washington! This itinerary features stops at 8 monuments and memorials, multiple museums, and must-see attractions. 

A visit to Washington D.C. during the Presidential Inauguration is an outstanding experiential opportunity. It’s a celebratory, historic induction for the new of the Free World.

A middle school Washington, DC trip is truly a right of passage. Washington, DC allows students to connect with history taught in the classroom while making a connection with America’s national capital.

Traveling to Washington DC for a school trip is an unique opportunity for students to connect with the United States American history and government. A STEM Washington, DC School trip is among our most popular tours! 

Sample Package Details

What's included?

All-Inclusive tour package

All of our trips are built as an all-inclusive tour package. Trip organizers can choose to include and exclude anything on their groups personal tour package.

Customized and Personalized

Love a specific hotel? Crave an amazing restaurant? Our travel specialists offer customized and personalized itineraries to fit your groups wants and needs!

Landmark Leader

Our tour packages include a Landmark Leader or somebody you'd look at as a tour manager. They play a vital role in providing your group a safe, effortless and enjoyable trip!

"Just wanted to thank you for another amazing trip! You have it down to a science..works like clockwork! My students had a blast! Thanks again for you've done Michaela..it was the BEST!"
- Cathy, MA Teacher