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Unveil the Haunting Mysteries: Join the Ghosts of Georgetown Night-Time Walking Tour


Venture into the heart of Georgetown after dark and experience a spine-tingling adventure like no other. Our Ghosts of Georgetown Night-Time Walking Tour immerses you in the mystique of this historic neighborhood, where tales of restless spirits, haunted hallways, and eerie encounters await around every corner. Led by seasoned guides, this tour transcends history and plunges you into the realm of the paranormal, allowing you to explore the enigmatic stories that have left their mark on the city’s past. Whether you’re a curious skeptic or a fervent believer, join us as we unlock the door to the otherworldly and journey through the shadowy narratives that have defined Georgetown’s supernatural legacy.

Unveiling Earth’s Chronicles: Journey Through Time at the Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Step into a realm where dinosaurs roam, gemstones glisten, and the story of our planet unfolds before your eyes. The Natural History Museum is a treasure trove of ancient mysteries and scientific marvels, inviting visitors to trace the footsteps of prehistoric giants, marvel at the brilliance of gemstones, and delve into the intricate tapestry of ecosystems. With every exhibit, you’re transported through time, embarking on a journey that spans millions of years and connects you to the Earth’s past, present, and future. Join us as we unlock the secrets of Earth’s chronicles within the hallowed halls of the Natural History Museum—a voyage of wonder, discovery, and awe-inspiring knowledge.

The Capital Wheel

The Capital Wheel

The Capital Wheel Experience incomparable waterfront views of DC, Maryland and Virginia seated in comfortable, climate-controlled gondolas. Teacher Resources Create your own program or download our free Common Core Compliant Teacher Resource Guides: Grade 6-8 The Wilson Connection Grade 6-8 Overcoming Gravity Grade 6-8 Moving Across the Potomac Grade 9-12 The Wilson Connection Grade 9-12 Overcoming Gravity […]

Washington DC School Trips

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Discover Washington DC School Trips View our Boston Trips Explore the historic sites of Boston and let us handle all of the rest. View Tours Washington DC school trips are a right of passage for all middle school students. There is much to see and discover on a DC school trip.  Fitting everything in can […]

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